7 Engaging Facebook Posts Examples with Best Practices

According to statistics released by Facebook, there are currently more than 2.6 billion active users of the social media site. Compared to previous statistics, this number has grown by about 11% from last year (2019). Clearly, Facebook is home to a large group of people consisting of CEOs, companies, and millions of individuals comprising of workers and students.

Despite this vast community of potential consumers, Facebook marketing is not always easy. Brands and businesses may think that all it takes is a Facebook post. However, this is far from the truth. To reach this ready audience, your Facebook posts have to be optimized and targeted towards a specific audience. Keep reading to discover different engaging Facebook posts examples and ways of engaging with your target audience.

7 Engaging Facebook Posts Examples with Best Practices

7 Engaging Facebook Posts Examples

1. Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to creating an engaging Facebook post, the things that inspire and entertain you don’t matter. It is all about your audience; thus, whatever you post has to capture the interest of your audience. You can only post something that is of importance to your audience when you understand your target audience. Otherwise, you will be wasting your precious time coming up with a post that you find exciting, but no one is going to read or share it.

You can use Facebook Page Insights to know the needs and wants of your audience. Take your time to study this information and do further research if need be. Also, be on the lookout for any unexpected details that might be of use to you when creating the post.

2. Prioritize Quality over Quantity

You might be surprised to discover that some of the most successful Facebook pages do not post that often. Even though posting frequently helps you continually engage with your audience, you risk losing them if you put up a low-quality post. Therefore, before you post anything on Facebook, check its quality. Quality should always come before quantity.

If you are lucky enough to produce chunks of quality posts frequently, then you can post as often as you want.

But, if posting a single quality post takes much of your time, then you can post less to maintain the quality. A single post per day is enough as long as it is of high quality.

3. Be Precise

Statistics from Facebook show that 88% of people use their mobile devices to access Facebook. These people spend only a few seconds to peruse through posts by the various Facebook pages they are following. The same case applies to people using computers to access Facebook as statistics show that this group spends only about 2 seconds in every Facebook post.

Due to this short time they take to consume content, you have to make your Facebook posts short and precise so that they can get your message. Fortunately, you can still reach your targeted audience as people only take about 0.25 seconds to comprehend the information and keep it in mind.

Therefore, ensure your post is short and sweet to capture the attention of users and stop them from scrolling past your post.

4. Use Captivating Images

Using relevant and amazing images on your Facebook posts is one of the most effective ways of increasing engagement rates on your posts. However, you do not have to stress yourself trying to get those complicated images because a simple picture will do. Facebook even suggests using a customer photo or product close-up.

You can use your phone camera to take the photos you need to upload, so getting a fancy camera is not necessary. For instance, Ali Maffucci from Inspiralized uses contact paper to cover a foam board to create the marble countertop look on her Facebook pictures. To take the photos, she uses her mobile phone camera and a small tripod.

5. Be Diverse

Before everyone embraced videos as their Facebook posts, some brands were already uploading video content on their Facebook pages. When uploading videos became a trend, these brands benefited the most. Social media is continually changing, and what’s trending today might not be exciting tomorrow. Thus, to keep your followers, you need to be diverse by experimenting with different types of content.

Nowadays, videos are the best type of content that drives high engagement from Facebook users. Nevertheless, you can still keep uploading interesting images and go live occasionally as you keep posting videos. The trick is not to be monotonous.

6. Encourage Your Followers to Air Their Views

Asking your followers for their opinions is one of the most reliable ways of engaging with them. Even though Facebook provides the comment section where followers are free to air their views, many people do not comment. These people would like the post instead of commenting. Fortunately, you can increase their engagement by asking them to leave their opinion regarding the post you have shared with them. The post can be something controversial that sparks a lot of interest.

Thus, you can post a controversial message and then ask your followers about their thoughts. By doing so, you will be giving your followers a chance to air their views. For instance, if a professional group is your target audience, you can share industry news and then ask them for their opinions regarding the news.

7. Reply Comments

Whether or not you have asked your followers for their opinions, you have to reply to their comments as this is an excellent way of engaging with them. This will make your fans feel like their opinions matter, and they will be more willing to comment on your future posts. Such followers are unlikely to scroll over your future posts.

If you doubt how effective replying to comments is, remember that psychologists have confirmed this. According to a Facebook study conducted by Psychologist Moira Burke, personalized messages are more fulfilling than a mere Like.

If it is a business page, you can personalize your reply further by signing off with a personal name rather than the business name.

As a brand or business, engaging your followers on Facebook is one of the most effective ways of increasing your followers. An increase in the number of followers leads to a rise in the number of shares, which ultimately leads to increased sales.

How to Autoreply Engaging Facebook Posts

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So which of these engaging Facebook examples will you try first? We’ll love to hear from you.

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