Best Comment Funnels Alternative 2020 : Read This Before You SignUp

Comment Funnels Alternative. If you’re looking to automatically reply comments on Facebook posts. It’s no doubt you’ve heard about COMMENT FUNNELS. You probably need to see if there is an alternative in order to compare and be careful in making decisions for your business.

Let’s be practical, every online business owner, marketer, Facebook group/page owner like you needs this software to auto reply in minutes and generate more leads and sales in one click. It is really stressful and time consuming to reply to every comment or copy and paste replies in your Facebook post.  Well, your search for COMMENT FUNNELS ALTERNATIVE will be over in a few minutes. Read on to discover Comment Funnel Vs CommentAlly.

comment funnels alternative
comment funnels alternative

What Is The Best Comment Funnels Alternative?

CommentAlly is the best comment funnels alternative you’ve been looking for. It is excellent and very easy to use for generating more leads and sales in one click, it would also allow for quick replies by doing so you will be building trust and more relationships with your customer.

Comment Funnels Alternative: Is CommentAlly Better Than Comment Funnels?

CommentAlly is the best alternative to Comment Funnels as it allows easy automatic reply to comments just like Comment Funnels but at a much cheaper price with a free 7day trial. You don’t have to pay a dime to get a glimpse of the functionality in commentAlly.

When using the commentAlly google chrome extension, you don’t have to leave the facebook platform, you’ll have your CommentAlly dashboard popped up, then you can give replies to your facebook comments while still being on Facebook. This is one of the advantages of CommentAlly over Comment Funnels which you’ll be discovering as you proceed in reading this article. You will get to understand the best solution for your needs and budget.

What is CommentAlly?

CommentAlly is an awesome google chrome extension with affordable pricing, and responsive customer support that you can rely on. This extension is perfect for you to reply to your customers in one click, it limits stress and saves money as well as time. Instead of you replying to your customers or facebook page/group members individually, CommentAlly allows you to quickly send your message at once with a link to your offer, sales or landing page.

User Friendly Interface

CommentAlly is very easy to use and can be accessed without you leaving the facebook platform. You can auto reply to every post on your facebook profile, groups or pages you manage in a minute. You’ll get access to video documentation with a step by step guide in using CommentAlly.

Auto Reply Variation

You can also create multiple replies with time variation for a single Facebook post comments to make sure they are different and to avoid SPAM. You can also use this software on your post in any group even when you’re not an admin just be sure you’re not violating the group rules and regulations.

comment funnels alternative
comment funnels alternative

Affordable and Cheap Pricing Plan

CommentAlly has a very much cheaper price plan compared to Comment Funnels. You’ll have to pay $1 before you can use Comment Funnels but for CommentAlly you don’t have to pay to see how it works, it’s free for 7days.

When you’re satisfied with the 7day free trial, you can proceed to buying a cheap plan of $7 with 100% money back guarantee. In the case of Comment Funnels, you’ll pay $27, you can imagine the price difference. CommentAlly gives the same features with better ease of use. Try a 7-day risk free trial Now.

Responsive Customer Support

CommentAlly offer amazing and responsive customer support through:

  • Email
  • Live Support
  • Request zoom call
  • Step by step training with video

Benefits of Using CommentAlly

When you use CommentAlly, You’ll get more sales and leads in a short period of time. You tend to save more money instead of you paying virtual assistants to manually reply to your facebook post comments. You can have more time to discover ways to improve your business or brand.

You’ll also gain your customers’ trust as you give quick responses to their questions in one click. Check this out by starting with a 7-day risk free trial.

CommentAlly is not just perfect for promotional posts but also for your personal facebook profile posts.

Start a 7-day risk free trial now.

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